marți, 14 august 2007

Robeez shoes

Comfortable and supportive, yet flexible and soft, Robeez baby shoes are the best choice in footwear for your child’s developing feet for many reasons. They are secure, they slip on and stay on, thanks to a strong yet supple elasticized ankle band. They are washable and skid resistant, they are durable due to the quality leather and they are very very comfortable because the soft leather cushions and protects, flexes with each step, and is breathable to keep feet cool and comfy.
Robeez baby shoes come in many designs and sizes. The most popular are the Robeez baby booties but you can also choose sandals for example. The sizes are from 0 to 4 years and the colors are varied. With children’s footwear, choosing the right size matters a lot. It is important to measure carefully and accurately when selecting a size. As a general guidline: stand child up to measure, when possible, allow 0.5 - 1 cm extra when selecting shoe size and measure often because babies grow fast.

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