marți, 23 octombrie 2007

When nice feelings are gone and divorce becomes a must

Divorce is the legal breakup of a marriage. Almost half of all U.S. marriages end in divorce. Like every major life change, divorce is stressful. It affects finances, living arrangements, household jobs, schedules and more. If the family includes children, they may be deeply affected.
Every year, more than one million children in the United States experience the divorce of their parents. The average divorce takes place within the first seven years of marriage, so many of these children are under the age of 6. For many children, divorce can be as difficult as the death of a parent. The entire family is faced with the challenge of adjusting to a new way of life. When this happens, children need the guidance, patience, and love of both parents to help them through.
The most important factor in how divorce affects a child's life is how parents treat each other and their children during and after the divorce. Keep in mind, divorce is a major event in your child's life, one that she has no control over. Parents must work together to make the changes as easy as possible for everyone. Even as the marriage ends, your role as a parent continues. In fact, it becomes more important than ever. Set aside your differences with your child's other parent and put your child first.
Never force your child to take sides. Every child will have loyalties to both parents.
Do not involve your child in arguments between the two of you.
Do not criticize each other in front of your child or when your child might be listening to a conversation you are having with someone else. Even if you find out the other parent is saying bad things about you, explain to your child that when people get angry they sometimes say things that are hurtful.
Discuss your concerns and feelings with your child's other parent when and where your child cannot hear.
Avoid fighting in front of your child.

vineri, 19 octombrie 2007

Is there love?!

There is a thin line between reality and fantasy especially when we’re talking about love. We have such great expectations for the ones we love and sometimes that perfect soul mate we are all waiting for just can’t materialize itself into a real person.
I like dreaming a lot. I used to dream that my knight in shining armor will come to rescue me and take me away from my pathetic little life to his castle far away. That of course never happened. So I’m not so sure anymore that love, as I understand and feel this concept, really exists.
So I guess now I have to tell you what love means to me.
It’s hard to talk about love, because love is an intimate feeling. So let me describe some pictures to you.
First of all do you know that feeling when you think of the one you love, or just look at his/her picture, and you feel so alive; you feel all the blood in your body boiling and every cell trembling…and you have a big smile on your face and you can’t wait to see him/her to hold him/her close, to feel his/her warm and heart beating. That’s love all right.
Now picture this: two old people holding hands while walking in the park, smiling at each other with that accomplice look on their faces. When you will find that person that makes you dream about this day, walking hand in hand till the age of eighty as in love as teenagers feel, you must know you just found love.
There is no love without understanding, respect and passion. And if you do find that special person that makes you feel like yin and yang, black and white combined, just keep it close and cherish him/her because not many people have as much luck.


Friends, such a beautiful word, such a beautiful feeling.
A good friend is always by your side, listening, understanding.
The most beautiful thing in a friendship is that you don't feel alone anymore, that special someone called your best friend is always there, laughing with you, crying with you.
There are all kind of friends and I'll show you that even if your friend is "different", you still love him and he loves you right back.

Now hurry up, go call your friend to tell him how much you love him!

joi, 18 octombrie 2007

My baby rocks!

Shopping online for my eleven months old son I discovered the coolest site for baby clothes- My Rockstar Baby.
Is your baby a rockstar just like you?
Indeed I love rock music since I was 13, but this has nothing to do with the music. These "My rockstar bay" clothes really rock!

These are the perfect, one of a kind, baby shower gifts! My Rockstar Baby clothes are adorable onesies with printed sayings on the bum and coordinating designs on the front.

Moms... this is a fun and challenging time in your life, so why not lighten up the mood with our onesies that are both entertaining and unique?!

marți, 16 octombrie 2007


What is a birthmark? A birthmark is a blemish on the skin and there are many different types. Some are present at birth, others appear in the first few weeks of life. They can be red (blood vessel marks), brown (moles) or blue-ish birthmarks. They can also vary in size.

What are blood vessel birthmarks? The most common are blood vessel marks known as "stork marks" and strawberry marks. They are caused by an abnormality in the way that blood vessels form just beneath the surface of the skin as the baby is developing in the womb. They occur spontaneously and, in almost all cases, are not inherited from parents.

What are permanent birthmarks? Sometimes a birthmark is permanent. Port wine stains are a red or purple area of skin present at birth - they affect three in 1,000 babies. In about two thirds of affected babies they appear on the face. A port wine stain usually becomes darker and thicker with age and, having been flat, may develop surface lumps. These birthmarks can occur due to lack of smooth muscle lining around thin-walled blood vessels (capillaries), or they can be due to lack of nerve fibres which usually supply the blood vessels.

What treatment is available? For children with port wine stains, laser treatment can produce a significant lightening in colour for the majority or in some cases you get near complete clearance. Treatments are scheduled for four to six months apart. Younger children between the ages of six months and four years tend to have a better response to laser treatment than older children and adults. This may be because their birthmarks are generally pinker in colour, smaller, more superficial and the vessels are more immature.

sâmbătă, 13 octombrie 2007


Winter is approaching rapidly and the temperatures are already low. With this weather is not at all hard to catch a cold. I know I did and I don't feel very well...So I thought I should write about cold and cold medicine today.

Common cold, in specific terms known as acute viral nasopharyngitis, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system, meaning nose and throat. The symptoms may include: sneezing, sniffling, runny nose, nasal congestion, which implies scratchy, sore, or phlegm throat. In this situation, people are coughing, complaining about headaches and a never-ending feeling of tiredness. Also, the common cold may be accompanied as well by symptoms of conjunctivitis, such as red, itchy or watery eyes, but only in rare cases.

In order to get read of colds, people make appeal to cold medicine in order to regain their health and lose the feeling of tiredness.
Cold medicines provide you with a very complex multitude of solutions and alternatives. There are cold medicines for all sorts of states of illness.

There are cold medicines for all sorts of states of illness.
Let’s take as an example the cold sore. It is caused by the herpes virus that enters your body, forming painful white blisters inside your mouth, This is one type of common problems we are all facing one time or another, during our lives. So, the question everybody asks is how to get read of cold sores? One solution is to put ice on the cold sore until the ice melts, in order to prevent the chance of blister formation at the site of cold sore It is required you put the ice regularly, preventing the infection to spread to other parts of the mouth. This improvised cold medicine can be applied on skin by using a towel.

These cold sores are very painful, therefore it is advised you take painkillers as many as possible. The pain these cold sores cause can be unbearable. That is a good reason why you should avoid citrus fruits. The citric acid increases pain and the blister formation, allowing the infection to spread towards other parts of the mouth. Also, as long as the cold causes you these sores, try to avoid as much as possible salty foods because they can cause you serious irritations. Even more, in this situation you really need to consult your healthcare provider, in order to prescribe you a cold medicine that will help you get through the cold. Also consult the doctor when taking cold medicines over the counter, in order to prevent any unwanted complications.

There is another solution that may help you get read of the infections caused to you by cold. For example, there are people who apply garlic at the site of cold sores and obtain a remarkable state of relief. It is said and proven that the consume of garlic fruit is beneficial, especially in this state of illness which requires fast relief.
It is well known that food allergies can also cause cold sores and blisters. Therefore, it is better to know which food causes you this kind of damage and to stop consuming it, for your own good.

Also, people use as an alternative to cold medicine, alcohol. Rubbed at the popped blister, alcohol is very efficient in stopping herpes virus from spreading. It is very important to use it careful in order to destroy completely the herpes virus. Even more, until you get read of the virus for good, it is better not to kiss anyone, because cold sores are extremely contagious.

Getting read of cold can be very expensive. Therefore, you may try steam inhalation, for it is a well known modality to cure or substantially limit the cold’s symptoms. Or, for the ones preferring stronger cold medicines, there are anti-viral drugs that are able to target the viruses that cause the majority of common colds.

vineri, 12 octombrie 2007

Breast cancer

This is a very important subject for me because breast cancer runs in my family. My grandmother had it and she suffered a lot and I am really scared.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (I.B.C.) is the most aggressive form of breast cancer. Rather than creating lumps or tumors it obstructs the breast tissue vessels. It is often more full blown by the time that it is detected. I.B.C. is more likely to metastasize than non-I.B.C. cases, and has a lower survival rate than non-I.B.C. cases.

Routine mammograms are recommended for women by the time they reach 40 years of age. This breast cancer does not usually start with a lump and is not often detected by a routine mammogram, in fact it often is found in women who have never had a mammogram.
Inflammatory breast cancer is striking victims at the age of 16 and up.

Here are several of the warning signs that may be present in I.B.C.; however, one or more of these signs or symptoms may also be present in non-cancerous breast disorders. A doctor should be consulted immediately for a proper diagnosis.
Possible Symptoms of I.B.C. :
• Rapid, unusual increase in breast size
• Redness, rash or itchinesses on breast
• Persistent itchiness of breast area
• Feverish breast
• Swelling of lymph nodes or above the collar bone area
• Dimpling or ridging of the breast
• Flattening or retracting of the nipple
• Discoloration of the breast or nipple area
• Nipple discharge
• A hardness or firmness of the breast
• Change of the skin texture of the breast area

If any these symptoms are present a doctor should be consulted. Remember that time is of the essence, as this form of cancer is extremely aggressive. Many of these signs can be present in non-cancerous breast disorders, so rather than be alarmed, be cautious and safe. Consult your physician.

miercuri, 10 octombrie 2007

Citroen Xsara Picasso

I must admit that Citroen Xsara Picasso is my favorite kind of car : beautiful, big enough for my family and really practical. The cute little Picasso has a lot to offer.
The Citroen Xsara Picasso boasts class-leading levels of space, high levels of safety and comfort, and a great price as well. There are several engines on offer that will prove to be more than competent including a very attractive diesel option.

The Citroen Picasso comes with a five-speed manual transmission with front wheel drive. The car’s steering is assisted and the suspension helps to absorb road imperfections.

The Xsara Picasso is wider than most rivals and is able to provide a good deal of interior space and comfort. The rear seats fold forward and increase an already very large boot area. The load lip is low for easy loading and unloading. The seats can be arranged in a variety of ways for added versatility, and the center seat in the rear slides forward and back.

The car is above average in almost all areas in its class. Despite this fact the car’s looks may count against it somewhat and it may lose some buyers to rival brands. All-in-all the Picasso provides a really good package at a fantastic price.

The overall costs of the Xsara Picasso are low. Along with being an inexpensive car to purchase, you won’t pay much in insurance or gas, seeing as the diesel is very frugal.

The Citroen Xsara Picasso offers extremely good amounts of cabin space. The cabin can seat five passengers comfortably and the car’s boot is very large. Rear seats fold to increase cargo space as well. Most passengers should find the Picasso’s cabin space to be more than adequate.

The fascia boasts controls and dials that are straightforward and easy to use. The fascia is uncluttered and is not complicated or difficult to use in any sense of the word. The fascia lacks a rev counter and is difficult to read in bright sunlight.

The Citroen Xsara Picasso scores well in comfort. The cabin is very spacious and provides good passenger space. The boot is large and can accommodate most items easily. The seats are comfortable and the overall quality of the ride is good.

The Picasso provides excellent accessibility. The car’s doors are light and large enough that they provide good access to the car’s cabin. The tailgate lifts in two stages and further accommodates access to the boot area. The car’s load lip is low and makes access the boot even easier.

Parking the Xsara Picasso is an easy task. The car’s relatively small size and light steering make it easy to maneuver. The car’s large side mirrors help out a lot and parking shouldn’t pose any problems for most drivers.