vineri, 19 octombrie 2007

Is there love?!

There is a thin line between reality and fantasy especially when we’re talking about love. We have such great expectations for the ones we love and sometimes that perfect soul mate we are all waiting for just can’t materialize itself into a real person.
I like dreaming a lot. I used to dream that my knight in shining armor will come to rescue me and take me away from my pathetic little life to his castle far away. That of course never happened. So I’m not so sure anymore that love, as I understand and feel this concept, really exists.
So I guess now I have to tell you what love means to me.
It’s hard to talk about love, because love is an intimate feeling. So let me describe some pictures to you.
First of all do you know that feeling when you think of the one you love, or just look at his/her picture, and you feel so alive; you feel all the blood in your body boiling and every cell trembling…and you have a big smile on your face and you can’t wait to see him/her to hold him/her close, to feel his/her warm and heart beating. That’s love all right.
Now picture this: two old people holding hands while walking in the park, smiling at each other with that accomplice look on their faces. When you will find that person that makes you dream about this day, walking hand in hand till the age of eighty as in love as teenagers feel, you must know you just found love.
There is no love without understanding, respect and passion. And if you do find that special person that makes you feel like yin and yang, black and white combined, just keep it close and cherish him/her because not many people have as much luck.

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