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Winter is approaching rapidly and the temperatures are already low. With this weather is not at all hard to catch a cold. I know I did and I don't feel very well...So I thought I should write about cold and cold medicine today.

Common cold, in specific terms known as acute viral nasopharyngitis, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system, meaning nose and throat. The symptoms may include: sneezing, sniffling, runny nose, nasal congestion, which implies scratchy, sore, or phlegm throat. In this situation, people are coughing, complaining about headaches and a never-ending feeling of tiredness. Also, the common cold may be accompanied as well by symptoms of conjunctivitis, such as red, itchy or watery eyes, but only in rare cases.

In order to get read of colds, people make appeal to cold medicine in order to regain their health and lose the feeling of tiredness.
Cold medicines provide you with a very complex multitude of solutions and alternatives. There are cold medicines for all sorts of states of illness.

There are cold medicines for all sorts of states of illness.
Let’s take as an example the cold sore. It is caused by the herpes virus that enters your body, forming painful white blisters inside your mouth, This is one type of common problems we are all facing one time or another, during our lives. So, the question everybody asks is how to get read of cold sores? One solution is to put ice on the cold sore until the ice melts, in order to prevent the chance of blister formation at the site of cold sore It is required you put the ice regularly, preventing the infection to spread to other parts of the mouth. This improvised cold medicine can be applied on skin by using a towel.

These cold sores are very painful, therefore it is advised you take painkillers as many as possible. The pain these cold sores cause can be unbearable. That is a good reason why you should avoid citrus fruits. The citric acid increases pain and the blister formation, allowing the infection to spread towards other parts of the mouth. Also, as long as the cold causes you these sores, try to avoid as much as possible salty foods because they can cause you serious irritations. Even more, in this situation you really need to consult your healthcare provider, in order to prescribe you a cold medicine that will help you get through the cold. Also consult the doctor when taking cold medicines over the counter, in order to prevent any unwanted complications.

There is another solution that may help you get read of the infections caused to you by cold. For example, there are people who apply garlic at the site of cold sores and obtain a remarkable state of relief. It is said and proven that the consume of garlic fruit is beneficial, especially in this state of illness which requires fast relief.
It is well known that food allergies can also cause cold sores and blisters. Therefore, it is better to know which food causes you this kind of damage and to stop consuming it, for your own good.

Also, people use as an alternative to cold medicine, alcohol. Rubbed at the popped blister, alcohol is very efficient in stopping herpes virus from spreading. It is very important to use it careful in order to destroy completely the herpes virus. Even more, until you get read of the virus for good, it is better not to kiss anyone, because cold sores are extremely contagious.

Getting read of cold can be very expensive. Therefore, you may try steam inhalation, for it is a well known modality to cure or substantially limit the cold’s symptoms. Or, for the ones preferring stronger cold medicines, there are anti-viral drugs that are able to target the viruses that cause the majority of common colds.

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