vineri, 12 octombrie 2007

Breast cancer

This is a very important subject for me because breast cancer runs in my family. My grandmother had it and she suffered a lot and I am really scared.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (I.B.C.) is the most aggressive form of breast cancer. Rather than creating lumps or tumors it obstructs the breast tissue vessels. It is often more full blown by the time that it is detected. I.B.C. is more likely to metastasize than non-I.B.C. cases, and has a lower survival rate than non-I.B.C. cases.

Routine mammograms are recommended for women by the time they reach 40 years of age. This breast cancer does not usually start with a lump and is not often detected by a routine mammogram, in fact it often is found in women who have never had a mammogram.
Inflammatory breast cancer is striking victims at the age of 16 and up.

Here are several of the warning signs that may be present in I.B.C.; however, one or more of these signs or symptoms may also be present in non-cancerous breast disorders. A doctor should be consulted immediately for a proper diagnosis.
Possible Symptoms of I.B.C. :
• Rapid, unusual increase in breast size
• Redness, rash or itchinesses on breast
• Persistent itchiness of breast area
• Feverish breast
• Swelling of lymph nodes or above the collar bone area
• Dimpling or ridging of the breast
• Flattening or retracting of the nipple
• Discoloration of the breast or nipple area
• Nipple discharge
• A hardness or firmness of the breast
• Change of the skin texture of the breast area

If any these symptoms are present a doctor should be consulted. Remember that time is of the essence, as this form of cancer is extremely aggressive. Many of these signs can be present in non-cancerous breast disorders, so rather than be alarmed, be cautious and safe. Consult your physician.

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