vineri, 10 august 2007

Dog clothes

It may seem eccentric or maybe even foolish sometimes, but nowadays more and more dogs are in fashion and wear designers clothes and expansive collars and jewelry. And why not? If you are a cool trendy person why not have a cool trendy dog?! I simply adore the Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, Little Lily and Care Bears clothes, of course on small breed dogs. There are so many dogs clothes starting with tank tops, shirts, dresses, coats, raincoats, sweaters and costumes. The perfect dog outfit is not just fashionable it's functional. The specially tailored clothing lines are designed specifically with your dog in mind. This special attention to cut and style provides dog clothes that are easy to put on and take off, and stay on your baby during their regular activities.
It's a glamorous life style for dogs, but they deserve it for being your best friend, faithful and funny.

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