marți, 21 august 2007


Any purebred Arabian is a potential racehorse. To compete in a race, an Arabian must be at least three years of age. While there is no maximum age limit, few horses of other racing breeds compete beyond the age of 10. All manner of pedigrees have produced winners, and there is no evidence to indicate that any particular line of family will prove overwhelmingly superior on the track. If all Arabians were raced, it would be obvious in a short time that some lines were superior to others in producing runners.
Conformation remains the best guide in the selection of the potential racehorse. A well made horse will move more efficiently and be far less prone to injury than a poorly built one. A powerful set of shoulders, sloping and well muscled, coupled with a long hip will provide the driving power required. Straight legs with clearly defined tendons and short cannon bones will best carry the runner. A neck of average length, set not too high and having a generous windpipe will balance the horse running at speed. The race prospect should move freely at all gaits with no waste motion.
Size is not a primary consideration. A small Arabian, agile and quick and well made is preferable to a 16 hand Arabian who is clumsy and awkward.
Temperament is an important consideration. A racehorse is a finely tuned athlete, not a runaway, and it is highly desirable that he have excellent manners.

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