luni, 3 septembrie 2007

SEX is good for your health

Yes, it seems that having fun in bed can not only be good for your relationship, but it can also be good for you!
Many people simply enjoy a healthy sex life because sex is pleasurable. Now there's another reason to stay in bed; there are substantial health benefits of sex. It seems that enjoying sex regularly (which means at least twice a week), can do wonders for everyone both physically and psychologically.
Here are a few benefits:

* Having regular sex, reduces the risk for heart disease
* Weight loss and overall fitness
* Bladder control in women
* Natural release of endorphins, which relieves stress
* Women and men who feel more confident with sex are also more confident in life

The health benefits of sex will make you feel wonderful and you will gradually notice that the more sex you have, the more bounce you will have in each step (and the more sex you'll want.) Happiness isn't sex itself, but sex does ultimately play a role in human happiness. And, that something to smile about.

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