marți, 4 septembrie 2007

Science of Getting Rich

A few days ago, on my usual daily session of surfing the net, I discovered an intriguing site, www.Rich4Life.Us. On this site they promise to let up the secret of getting rich for life. Of course,as a mother I really want a wealthy life for me, my son and my family, so I signed up for the 7 free lessons from the "science of getting rich" and I also signed up for the contest they have-"The Monthly $1,000 Cold Hard Cash Contest!". Maybe I am naive, maybe some will laugh, but I really hope the law of attraction works and the science of getting rich is for real because I know that the power of faith is measureless.
I really want a decent living, a house of my own, a new beautiful car, a good salary... I don't want to worry anymore about the money, the food, the clothes...I want to be able to offer my son anything he needs and wants. And I will try anything for this!

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