sâmbătă, 28 iulie 2007

Summer holiday at the seaside

I love the seaside! A summer holiday at the seaside is a dream vacation for me and until now I did my best to go to the seaside every year. This year is more difficult for me to go to the seaside...My son is 8 months old, the sun is burning hotter then ever, the temperatures are around 40 Celsius grades, and unfortunately, there is an invasion of black widow spiders which are very poisonous, two times more poisonous then any snake. Besides all that I just read an article about the interdiction of pets on the Romanian beaches and I find that awful, because I can't leave my puppy home.
Of course there are many alternatives: the sea resorts in Bulgaria and Greece are very attractive tourist destinations, and maybe even cheaper then the Romanian seaside. And Turkey is near by too.
But, even if more than one million Romanians plan to spend their vacations abroad, I can't decide so easily because I love my seaside, the Romanian seaside. Mamaia or Vama Veche, there is a beach for everybody on the Romanian seaside.

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