luni, 30 iulie 2007


In late 1995, a small Huntington Beach garage was buzzing with activity. Friends were busy hand-sewing wallets and handbags with old scraps of Naugahyde. Characters with whimsical names like Julius and Skurvy were created to decorate these accessories which always seemed to bring a smile to the faces of whoever they were given to.
And this is how the PAUL FRANK story begins. Born out of the need for a fun outlet celebrating creativity and individuality in Orange County, Paul Frank Industries (PFI) was formally incorporated in december 1997.
Paul Frank is the best choice for me and my son and we both love his characters and colours. Tees, watches, eyewear, bedding, pjs, slippers, undies, accessories, anything you need you find in Paul Frank's collections.
Paul Frank is an unconventional worldwide success. Led by its bright color palette, vinyl fabric, and unique sensibilities, the company has attracted an almost cult-like following of teens and twenty-somethings that love to wear Paul Frank clothing and accessories (and might we add Julius, Clancy, Skurvy, Worry Bear and all the rest) and tell time with their sweet and sometimes scary Paul Frank watches.

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