duminică, 22 iulie 2007


Barbie toys are every girl's dream all over the world. Barbie toys are the most sophisticated toys ever made and they personify a great number of characters from queens and princesses to rock stars and fashion divas, from cartoon characters to fairy-tale romance.
The Barbie story begins in 1959 when Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel Toys, was watching her daughter Barbara play with paper dolls and imagine them in grown-up roles. She came with the idea to make a teenage doll that little girls could play and dream about the future with. Soon, little girls across America, and later, the world, fell in love with Barbie's good looks, charm, and charisma. Today she is still one of the hottest selling toys in the world. Barbie toys gather various characters beginning with the famous Barbie and continuing with her friends: Ken, Cara, Tracy, Lara, Tori, Stacey, Steffi and many others, and Barbie's relatives: Skipper, Francie, Tutti, Todd, Jazzie, Stacie, Kelly and Krissy.
The newest Barbie toys are the Jazz Baby Collection and this innovative new body style is garnering some serious buzz in the collecting world. The collection consists of three Jazz Baby Cabaret Dancer Barbie dolls: striking blonde, fiery redhead and beautiful brunette. Each of these tree Barbie dolls wears a variation of a daring black and silver stage number topped off with a rhinestone-buckled hat, and comes with a plastic chair. Their looks are decidedly sassy, just a touch edgy, and filled with a thoroughly modern, jazzy flair.

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